Thank You So Much!


I am so happy for you to embark on this incredible journey. I wish you so much joy, success, and passion, while you pursue your creative soulful mission. Click the two links below to receive your Divine Feminine Leadership Funbook +Bullet Planner.

Directions: Open the links and use it on your computer, by opening up the funbook and bullet planner in Adobe Reader (free software). This software allows you to write in your funbook and bullet planner, by using the add text feature. You can also save it by click the word File on the top menu, and clicking Save As. 

You can also open up your funbook and bullet planner on your Ipad or Iphone, by downloading one of these three apps, in the app store: Adobe Reader, GoodReader, and Notability

And of course, you can print pages of your funbook and bullet planner if you wish!

With Love,

Natalia Sofia

Click the links below to get your books!



If you have any more questions or need help contact me at: I also would love to hear back from you and how your process is going. Win a chance to win monthly prizes, and be featured on my social media accounts and website! #MyFunbook with a picture of you and your book, and write a short description of your successes.