What is happiness?

Happiness is a feeling (a fleeting moment of joy during and after experiencing pleasure), and it is also a state of being (deep contentment and satisfaction). Happiness as a feeling comes and goes, just like other emotions. Emotions flow and transform. They are not fixed. Even if someone has mental illness, their emotions still change depending on external and internal forces. It is impossible for people to be in a fixed emotional state, due to the structure of our universe and the laws of physics. Our world around us, as well as the world we perceive, is constantly changing, altering our moods and the way we respond.

What does this mean for us?

Since we know emotions transform and are not fixed, we have the power to transform our emotional state at any given moment. Happiness as a state of being involves making constant decisions to BE and DO happy. Not many of us put the time and effort to embody happiness.  Instead, many of us focus on the negative aspects of life, what we don’t have and acquiring material wealth. We are continuously searching for the treasure outside of ourselves, leaving us to believe we will only be happy once we receive it. To make happiness a state of being, we need to realize the treasure is already within ourselves. Happiness can be achieved in the present moment. There is no destination in life, only the journey. Nothing ever truly stops or ends. It just continues.

When we make a decision to be happy right now, we surrender to our own happiness. We let go of fighting life and any uncontrollable circumstances we are in. Instead, we find solace in what we do have, what we have learned, what we have accomplished, and what we have to look forward to.

“We can gain the knowledge and understanding, that a state of happiness is ONLY accomplished by letting go of victim mentality. It involves making a consistent decision to BE happy, and surrendering to the belief that we are deserving of living our lives to our fullest capacity.  The outcomes that are presented to us when we achieve mental liberation, include a greater ability to embrace and act on our power, strengthen our resilience, and gain contentment and solace in our present journey.”

We live our lives based on our perception. Life is the mind. It is not the events and memories that make up our lives, it is how we perceive and react to them. Neuroscience shows that we take in information after it has actually happened, which proves that our experiences are based on our interpretations, and the emotions and meaning we connect with them.

My role with you:

Since we have learned feelings come and go, we have the power to transform our emotional state through our mindset.  My role is to be a facilitator to your own personal growth, and create a space for you that is safe and comforting. Together we work as a team, personalizing each session to your unique needs,  goals, and personal makeup. To achieve long-term healing, it is important for you to do the work, which requires persistence and dedication. This happens naturally, when you are ready to embark lasting change. I am here to hold and cherish your story and your journey. My therapeutic style is nurturing, empathetic, and direct. I help guide and maneuver you in a direction that will allow you to achieve optimal happiness, within yourself and in your relationships. 

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