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Why do you need a “funbook”?  8/10 women neglect their dreams due to fear of failure and self-expression. Don’t let this happen to you. Connecting with your fun and playful side, allows you to submerse yourself in the process, let go of fears, and achieve MORE results. Everything I create, is made with intention, to give you what you need. The process becomes enjoyable through play, because it opens up your creative self, and allows you to reach success. We need YOU, and your magical gifts, in order to create positive change in the world. Embrace your calling today!

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Newfound Treasures You Will Receive:

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What is Divine Feminine Leadership? In this modern era, our world is calling forth leaders, who embody the divine feminine (a leader who nurtures the world, and gives birth to change and true unity). Through divine feminine leadership, we are transcending into love, honoring the authentic “whole”, and reaching higher levels of existence. For those of us who are contributing to the feminine awakening, it is our role to redefine and pioneer, what it means to be powerful. We must be consciously aware, that a divine feminine leader is not submissive and weak. She is the divine mother, who gracefully walks this planet in balance, giving and receiving love. This is what allows her to be gentle, yet firm and respected. She valiantly shines all layers within her, bringing impactful world change. This is not to be forgotten or neglected, and instead, emulated and admired. By soulfully mastering the art of alignment, empowerment, and risk-taking, reflecting so beautifully into our external world, she is truly a remarkable ruler.

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