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In the summer, I go on marine conservation trips hosted by WDC and other organizations. Every time I am out in the ocean, I am in absolute awe at how beautiful our world is. It is our duty to protect our planet, and all the wonderful creatures on this earth. I am writing to you with great sadness, that instead, we are doing the exact opposite. We are hurting innocent animals, causing many of them to become almost extinct, and destroying our oceans.

There is hope. Remember that we all have the power to create change in this world. Even if we are just saving one animal, we are saving one life. And the more people that come together, we can make an impacting difference. Check out the link below, if this resonates with you. With WDCS, you can make a donation, adopt an orca or humpback, shop and support, partner with companies, and go on marine conservation trips. See what you can do.

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YES, I want to help!

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