Meet Natalia

There is Beauty in the Journey.

Growing up in a traumatic home, I witnessed the importance of being an empowered independent woman. This experience led me towards my life-long journey, to achieve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual strength. It became my destiny, to value and utilize my innate gentleness and sensitivity. I entered into freedom by releasing fear, and embracing love within myself. Walking my path on purpose, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy.

After 5 years working as a psychotherapist with the entire lifespan, I discovered the secret to empowerment is being comfortable with vulnerability and self-expression. This at its core is about opening the heart, which led me to become dissatisfied with the mental health system, and join the coaching community. I wanted to break the barriers of the system, that did not acknowledge clients as a whole person or teach them life skills, and value practitioners.  Instead, I created a new path to heal others, that helps them achieve long-term results in a short-term period.

Aligning with my passion and life journey, I am fulfilling my role as a Women’s Holistic Life Coach. I extended my education and became certificated in Holistic Life Coaching, Corporate Wellness Coaching, and Yoga as Medicine.  I created my business to share what I have learned, to empower women to lead a life they love. When we honor our authentic selves, open the heart, and continue to celebrate the magic and beauty of life, we give birth to positive impacting change.  Release victim mentality, and enter into freedom.

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