Women’s Coaching


Women’s Leadership Embodiment 


Learn How to Lead a Life You Love.

Let Go of Victim Mentality and Enter Into Freedom.


For women who want long-term healing, and are ready to break through their trauma, anxiety, grief, or stressful life transitions:

 Women’s Leadership Embodiment Coaching is one of the most unique coaching programs out there. My gentle coaching style caters to your busy schedule and our globalized world, allowing you to choose how you want to receive my coaching (by email or phone). It will help you bring awareness to your specific core issues, needs, and limitations, understand your body’s natural way of communication, and address all facets of your challenges.

Together we will address the root problem, and work towards positive change. After each session, I will email personalized small step action strategies and worksheets, that will not only address the issues you came here for, but allow you to learn life skills and solutions, that will promote long-term healing.

My goal is to empower you to trust yourself, and gain confidence, self-love, and strength. I will hold and honor your life experiences, as you set out on a transformational adventure, and let go of all that is no longer serving you.

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Please note: Although I have experience as a psychotherapist, I do not diagnose. This is a coaching program. However, I do include techniques I have learned and used in therapy settings.


How it Works:

1. Contact me through email by filling out the form below. Please write your name, email, and what session option you would like.

Choices of session options include:

-6 phone call sessions with me for 45 min. each + weekly personalized action strategies ($400.00)

-10 phone call sessions with me for 45 min. each + weekly personalized action strategies ($700.00)

-1 email session with me +  personalized action strategies  ($50.00)

-or 1 phone call session with me + personalized action strategies  ($75.00)

All costs will be private pay without insurance.

(Please note: After I receive your email of interest within 24 hours, I will write you to schedule a date for a FREE 45 min. consultation if you are choosing to coach with me through the phone. This is for both of us to see if I am a good fit for you, and if the program suits your needs, before you pay. If you choose to do email coaching, you will not get a free 45 min.consultation. Instead, I will send you an email with questions to fill out, and I will write you back a lengthy email based on what you wrote, along with 6 personalized strategies.)

2. For those who want to do coaching by phone: If you decide after the free consultation you would like to continue, you will pay for the session package of your choice. Each session package includes 45 min. weekly phone calls, weekly personalized action strategies, and a personalized program curriculum that suits your needs.